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Episode 81: Warfaring Strangers: Prolegomena to Second-Century Christianity

In this episode we back up a bit and consider a few broad-scale developments in Christianity in the second century. This diverse phenomenon is beginning to coalesce in our period into something distinctly ‘Christian’ – and recognisable to outsiders as such – but is also riven increasingly-vicious internal debates about what it should be. We discuss the rise of ‘orthodoxy’ as a concept, and the evolution of the term ‘heresy’, orthodoxy’s evil twin.

We look at the genre of heresiology, which is crucial for understanding not only the development of orthodoxy, but also the framing of its Other, including many esoteric currents within Christianity, some of which are rejected outright by the orthodox consensus, and others of which will continue to exist in an uneasy love-hate relationship with Christianity down to the present day. We also give a short heresiological timeline of the second and third centuries, and pick out a few key thinkers of esoteric second- and third-century Christianity whom we shall be discussing in more detail as the podcast progresses.

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