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SHWEP is an experiment in community-supported scholarship. Our work is supported by people like you signing up for a yearly membership, at a cost of less than one pound per week. We can only carry on doing this with your help; please consider supporting us, and helping us stay esoteric.

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Institutional memberships are available at a discount. Drop us a line via the contact page if your organisation would like to support the SHWEP.

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The SHWEP is a unique academic outreach project, designed to bring cutting-edge research on aspects of western esotericism out of the universities and into the knowledge of the general public. As you can imagine, universities don’t pay for that sort of thing. The SHWEP is at least a ten-year project, and consumes more than forty hours a week in research, writing, editing, interviews, and so on. We aim to create an online educational resource of unprecedented thoroughness and scope for professional scholars and the general public alike. We’ll never talk down to you, and we’ll never ‘dumb down’ for you.

To make the project sustainable, we have adopted a model of ‘listener-supported scholarship’. If you like the SHWEP and want to support it, become a member! Annual membership is £50 per year (save 16% on the monthly membership), equivalent to less than one pound per week. You can also pay in monthly instalments of £5 – you’d pay more than that for a newspaper, and the newspaper would probably just lie to you anyway. In addition to supporting an innovative model of scholarship disseminating high-quality new research in a free, publicly available, high-quality format, you also gain access to the members-only episodes of the podcast, and join our online community in dialogue about the podcast and the issues it raises.

Members’ episodes are sometimes extended interviews, where I ask scholars and other experts to expand on their ideas, to make connections, and to speculate imaginatively on their subjects of study. There are also special episodes by your host on matters which fall outside the basic framework of the ongoing free podcast.

If you enjoy this podcast, please think about the amount of work we put in and consider becoming a member and helping us stay esoteric for the long haul.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us if you still need help or have a question.

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