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Levan Gigineishvili on Ioane Petritsi and the Mediæval Georgian Proclus-Reception

We discuss the work of Ioane Petritsi (eleventh to twelfth centuries), a Georgian intellectual whose translation of, and commentary on, the Elements of Theology of Proclus is a historical anomaly in a number of ways. It turns out that everything in Proclus' metaphysics – even the henads – could and did make it through into a Christian work in twelfth-century Georgia. Come for the surprising story of a radical Georgian intellectual, stay for the Georgian origins of the medieval Christian saint, the Buddha.

Oddcast episode

Jonathan Greig on the East Roman Proclus Reception, Sixth to Fifteenth Centuries

We discuss the long, convoluted, and often tendentious reception of Proclus and Proclean ideas in the eastern Roman empire. From late-antique debates about the nature of being and participation, through medieval reappropriations of philosophy, through to the radical debates of Plethon and Scholarios in the final days of the empire, Proclus emerges as a curiously-persistent figure of many guises.

Podcast episode

Members only: Stephen Rego on the Nous in Proclus, Part II: Metaphysics and Myth

We enter into the dynamic architecture of Proclus' noētos kosmos, a non-spatial place where all of reality unfolds triadically through gods and goddesses, metaphysics and myth working in exquisite harmony.

Podcast episode

Members only: Edward Butler on Proclus, Part II: On (the Metaphysics of) Polytheism and Monotheism

We discuss further with Dr Butler, looking at polytheism, monotheism, and some of the metaphysics underlying both options.

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I spoke about psychedelic Platonism to a bunch of academics!

I was invited to speak to the Philosophy of Psychedelics Exeter Research Group on the subject of psychedelic research and ancient Platonism. I argue that Platonism is way more psychedelics than psychedelics.

Podcast episode

Members only: Edward Butler on Proclus, Part I: ‘Henadology’

We discuss the One and the Henads in Proclus with Edward Butler. Henology meets henadology on a metaphysical terrain where gods are the primary unities.

Listen to the Introduction

An introduction to the podcast, discussing briefly what we mean by ‘western esotericism’. This episode also answers the burning question, ‘What’s so “secret” about The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast?’ and features a short quiz to test your knowledge of western esoteric history.

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