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Episode 84: Other Gospels and Alien Gods: Marcion of Sinope

[N.B: the picture we used as the thumbnail for this episode is not meant to be Marcion; it’s Tertullian, the anti-Marcion!]

Valentinus might take the prize as the most hated ‘heretic’ of the second century, but close behind him in the race for the prize of ‘biggest perceived threat to proto-orthodox Christianity in the second century’ is Marcion of Sinope.

Marcion, a prominent member of one of the early generations of Christians (he was born c. 85 CE), came to Rome from Asia Minor in the 130’s, and was active in the Christian community there for a while … until, in the year 144, he was excommunicated. He then set off on his own trajectory, teaching a Christianity quite different from the proto-orthodox teaching.

Unknown 3rd-century fragment of Luke (P. Oxy. 2383), thought by some to be a fragment of Marcion’s Gospel. Image courtesy wikipedia.

What was this Christianity, and why was it such a threat? And what can we say about Marcion’s ‘Bible’, the earliest-known collection of canonical Christian scriptures? Expect demiurgy, radical transcendence in dialectic with a cosmic creator-god, Pauline fervour, and internal power-politics in second-century Christianity.

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