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Frances Flannery Dreams On

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In this continuation of the main episode we discuss many things with Frances Flannery, the conversation circling around the thorny problem of interpreting textual accounts of religious experiences. The fascinating conversation covers many topics, including:

  • The sensorial range present in the Enochic apocalypses, and the smell of the heavenly trees in the Book of Watchers,
  • The problem of interpretation of religious experience, and the dangers of reification or letting the model, rather than the evidence, dictate interpretation,
  • Attempts to open new pathways for interpreting religious experiences from texts, notably comparative analysis of ritual practices and neurobiology,
  • The dreams of the platypus and his monotreme cousin, the echidna,
  • And the question of how stories define us as human beings, and whether we are unique among animals in our storytelling activities (and in our sense of humour).

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