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Peter Grey on Magic(k) in Theory and Practice

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We speak more on the grisly end of Jack Parsons after the tragic explosion in his laboratory, and how this can be seen as fulfilling some of the words of Babalon transmitted by Hubbard in the earlier workings of the two magicians; strange parallels with the story of John Dee and Edward Kelley; questions of how to interpret the ‘weird stuff’ that starts happening when people start messing with magick; some notes on the practice of magick from a practitioner; and L. Ron Hubbard’s status as ‘the most successful magician of the twentieth century’.

Interview Bio:

Peter Grey is a magician, scholar of esotericism, and part of Scarlet Imprint, occult publishers to the stars (heh). His latest book, The Two Antichrists, is out now.