Les Platonismes de l’Antiquité Tardive

A very ambitious online resource for the study of Late Platonism and Platonistic religious currents maintained by Luciana Gabriela Soares Santoprete and Anna van den Kerchove. It aims to become a digital tool ‘capable of performing inter-disciplinary searches between the philosophical, Gnostic, Hermetic, and Chaldaean text corpuses using vocabulary, doctrines, and pertinent bibliographies.’ It’s not there yet, but this is a very promising project indeed. Especially useful for researching Plotinus (though the project will doubtless expand to encompass other Platonists in due course).

One feature is an online text of Plotinus with numerous modern and ancient sources that can all be linked up; say you are interested in the question of matter in a given Ennead; you click on that Ennead, click all the scholars you think might be relevant, maybe throw in the French keyword ‘matière’, and hit ‘rechercher’. It’s pretty cool.

There is also a ‘carnet de recherche’, which is essentially an ongoing tabulation of new publications, theses, bibliographic resources, and all that good stuff.