I was Interviewed on the Weird Christmas Podcast!

Demons, obviously. Hail Santa!

Ever heard how Christmas is actually a ‘pagan’ holiday that was sort of co-opted by Christianity? There are lots of variants here, my personal favourite being the ‘Mithras is the reason for the season’ meme. Anyhow, Craig Kringle of the Weird Christmas podcast set up an interview about this whole thing, so I tried to figure out what the sources actually tell us: turns out, there are lots of interesting, suggestive bits of historical data, but nothing that really clinches ‘pagan Christmas’ as a thing. But then, are we just supposed to ignore the Sol invictus cult when trying to reconstruct Christmas origins?

Thanks to Craig for organising the interview. It was lots of fun for me, Just spreading a little Christmas cheer, or is that Christmas punctilious pedantry and boredom?

Merry Mithrasmas, everyone!