The European Network for the Study of Islam and Esotericism (ENSIE)

ENSIE is a thematic network, a part of the ESSWE dealing specifically with Islamic Esotericism. A lot of exciting new work is emerging from this part of the field, and we should keep a close eye on the ENSIE. They say:

‘ENSIE’s mission is to help scholars of Islamic esotericism and mysticism to benefit from the understandings and perspectives that have been achieved in the study of Western Esotericism, and to help scholars of Western Esotericism benefit from knowledge of Islamic esotericism. There are also benefits in areas where the distinction between “Islamic” and “Western” does not really make sense, for example in the medieval period, when Western esotericists drew heavily on Arab and Islamic sources, and in the modern period, when Western esotericists have again drawn on Islamic sources, and when Western esotericism has also been received in the Muslim world, especially in Turkey, but also elsewhere.’