The Enoch Seminar Online

Founded in 2001 by director Gabriele Boccaccini, the Enoch Seminar is an open and inclusive forum of international specialists in early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They work on Abrahamic apocalyptic, but this is by no means a narrow focus; “Our primary mission is to foster scholarship on the ancient Mediterranean world that transcends conventional, and often isolated, disciplinary and methodological boundaries. We encourage discussion among specialists in the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, New Testament, Late Antique Judaism and Christianity, and Early Islam through our many international meetings (the Enoch Seminars, the Graduate Enoch Seminars, the Nangeroni Meetings, the Enoch Colloquia). These meetings are characterized by a distinctive format, where papers circulate in advance, are thoroughly discussed among participants, and then are disseminated to a wider audience via publication. ”

The Enoch Seminar Online is the web-presence of this important constellation of scholars, and is always of interest to researchers into Abrahamic esotericisms.