East Asian Network for the Academic Study of Esotericism (EANASE)

The EANASE is a grouping of scholars working on esotericism both eastern and western. Their roster includes Japanese academics, Europeans, and a number of folks with a foot in both realms.  Their stated remit is as follows;

First, it includes the research of pre-modern esotericism in the West like hermeticism, alchemy or astrology.

Second, modern esotericism in the West and its influences on contemporary spirituality.

Third, modern Western Esotericism and its related spiritual movements in Japan and Asia, which would cover everything, from pre-WWII techniques like Reiki to the New Religious Movements.

Fourth, pre-modern esoteric religious thoughts in Asia, such as Shintoism, Buddhism or Daoism. The main object of our group is to clarify how far the term “esotericism” could be applied to the Asian history of religions.