Digital Occult Library

An interesting site, put together by Alexis Brandkamp, comprising a multi-layered introduction to esotericism (most relevant, I think, to western-European traditions easily subsumed under the loose notion of ‘occult’, from say Dee and Agrippa right the way through neopaganisms, Satanism, and so forth, but interested in other stuff as well). Contains some useful links, some sound basic bibliographies, and lots of other useful resources. Generally responsible and anti-echo-chamber, while taking the intriguing step of addressing itself explicitly to academics, to practitioners, and to the wo/man in the street, which is well done and commendable.

Might be a very good place to send someone who asked you ‘What is this western occult tradition thing?’, and was really starting from scratch, but also a good place for seasoned academics (or practitioners!) to root around for interesting links and ideas. Worth a look for sure, and hopefully it will expand as a project.