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The Writings of Clement of Alexandria

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Second page of the Mar Saba letter, courtesy of wikipedia

In getting at ‘the other Clement’ you inevitably need to approach not only the Stromateis – his masterpiece of esoteric Christianity –but also a number of little-known, often-ignored, and highly heretical works. These include the surviving Eighth Book of the Stromateis itself, the Excerpts from Theodotus, the Prophetic Eclogues, the lost Outlines, and the exceedingly controversial Mar Saba Letter.

We try to get them all straight and talk about what’s in them a little. We also reflect a bit on the ways in which inconvenient works of authors can be written out of history in various ways, and why this happens.

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Recommended Reading:

See the list of critical editions and translations at Episode 90.

On the MS Laurentianus V 3:

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On the nature of the Eighth Book of the Stromateis and related texts:

On the present state of the debate see e.g:

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The Mar Saba Letter Controversy:

Our friends at the Gnostic Society Library have posted online Smith’s translation of the letter from his Clement of Alexandria and a Secret Gospel of Mark, from which we quote in the episode; scroll down to ‘Annotated Manuscript Edition’. Here follows a chronological bibliography with a few milestone sin the debate:

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