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Storytime: Reading Eunapius of Sardis’ Lives of Philosophers and Sophists

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We explore some of the amazing (indeed, miraculous) oral histories of Iamblichus, of Iamblichean philosophy, and of Iamblichus’ successors retold by Eunapius of Sardis in his Lives of Philosophers and Sophists. Included are Plotinus and Porphyry, a major section on Iamblichus, and the lives and exploits of Iamblichus’ students Ædesius of Cappadocia, Sopater of Syria, Eustathius of Cappadocia, and Eustathius’ wife Sosipatra, a female holy-woman of the first water who quite overshadows her husband.

Schools and lineages are formed and compete for students and prestige (or for knowledge of the eternal truth), we discuss our first major female philosopher, and the foundations of reality crumble as the encroachments of imperial Christianity rock the polytheist world.

Works Cited in this Episode:


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  • Iamblichus: Porphyry changed his mind about stuff: De anima 6 Dillon/Finamore: are the souls present in the noetic world? ‘… as for Porphyry, he is in two minds on the subject, now dissociating himself violently from this view, now adopting it as the doctrine handed down from above.’
  • Plato’s Timæus on the ‘home star’ of each soul, which will be the soul’s destination upon death: 42b4.
  • Porphyry on his suicidal period: Plot. 11.


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