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Stephen Rego on the Nous in Proclus, Part I: Exegesis

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We begin with a passage from the first section of the Platonic Theology of Proclus, wherein he lays out where in Plato a reader is to seek doctrines about each level of divinity, and expatiates on the necessity for bringing these Platonic loci into harmony with the Orphic and Chaldæan textual traditions. We then turn to the master-key for reading and harmonising all these sources, namely Syrianus’ exegesis of Plato’s Parmenides, as discussed in Proclus’ Parmenides commentary. We then proceed to explore the ways through which Proclus brings the different layers of his reading together, dialectics interacting with esoteric exegesis, different modes of reading criss-crossing across different types of text, with the whole resulting in a world of gods/types of being unparalleled in antiquity for its metaphysical complexity and polytheist inclusivity.

Interview Bio:

Stephen Rego is a serious Proclus-head engaged in exploring the higher realms of Platonist being. He maintains the Neoplatonism group on Facebook.

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Lloyd Gerson’s talk on ‘Taking Plato Seriously: Proclus as Exegete’ can be watched online.

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Here is a more in-depth bibliography for Parts One and Two: SHWEP Episode Recommended Reading.

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