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Poseidonius of Rhodes, Weird Stoicism, and ‘Cosmic Religion’

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Poseidonius of Rhodes was a highly-influential Stoic of the so-called ‘middle Stoicism’, and many scholars have seen in him the propounder of a number of doctrines of crucial importance for the development of western esotericism, including the doctrine of kosmic sympathy (and influential theories of divination based in that doctrine), philosophical astrology, arithmological theories, and more. But other scholars reckon he was a plain-old scientist and philosopher with nothing particularly esoteric going on.

We look at the evidence and argue that regular Stoicism was already pretty weird, but also that Poseidonius probably had more weirdness going on than common-or-garden Stoicism, even if we can’t always say for sure what exactly he taught on a given subject, or how crucial his teachings were to the transmission of the various ‘esoteric’ ideas which we know he was interested in.

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