Esoteric Island Discs: Ben Chasny

[Esoteric Island Discs is an esoteric homage to the great Desert Island Discs, a classic radio programme which is owned entirely by the British Broadcasting Corporation. We hope they receive it in the loving spirit in which it is intended.]

Our castaway today is Ben Chasny, better known to many as the multi-instrumentalist behind the long-running musical project Six Organs of Admittance. Chasny is also a member the bands Rangda, New Bums, Badgerlore, Comets on Fire, and sometimes plays guitar in the band Current 93.

He is currently at work on a collaboration with Shackleton, who composed the delightful Esoteric Island Theme you’ll hear at the beginning and end of every episode of EID.

Download Esoteric Island Discs with Ben Chasny

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Charley Hayden hangs out with Carlos Parades on youtube.


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